Перевод песни Kay Starr – Was That the Human Thing to Do

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To err is human
I heard you say
Forgiveness is divine
But all the sweet things that you may say
Can't mend this heart of mine
Never thought that anyone in their right mind
Could ever treat another human so unkind
Didn't you sneak away
And leave a note behind
Was that the human thing to do?
I always thought that yours was such a heart of gold
But after I was sold on all the tales you told
Didn't you let your kisses turn from hot to cold?
Was that the human thing to do?
Now I'm not trying to patch things up
'Cause what's been done must be Lord, I wouldn't even treat a pup
The way you treated me How could anybody be so darned unfair?
You let me hang around
Until I learned to care
Didn't you even laugh and leave me crying there
Was that the human thing to do?
Now I just want to be understood
I'm no false alarm
If I couldn't do a human good
I wouldn't do 'em harm
How you let me fall
And how you let me be And when I begged you for a little sympathy
Didn't you even try to hi-di-hi-di me?
Was that the human thing to do?