Перевод песни Rebekka Karijord – Oh Brother

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Why would I fight
Against someone I've loved my whole life?
Can't seem to find
Reason or rhyme in this guilt throwing strive
We both crave for the same
So why should you here and now carry the blame?
Of this ancient inheritance
Of this damn unequal shame?
Oh brother
Oh father
Oh friend
Oh lover
Long night walks
Making out to bad old songs
Endless calls
Oh how I long to figure you out
We felt distence without knowing why
If I ever have a son I'll teach him it's okay to cry
In silence let's dance here for a while
And try to see the world with each others eyes
Oh brother ...
War never nurtures love
We will reap as we sow
Stop and wait
Feel what's new
'Cause winds they change
Can we change to?
Oh brother ...