Перевод песни Lonnie Johnson – Four-O-Three Blues

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Relief is all right for some people, PW ‘s work is all right for me.
‘Cause I got a big leg mama, so mellow as love can be.
Relief is all right for some people, but money is the thing for me.
Man, the work ain't hard, half of the time you somewhere ‘sleep.
Well the time is comin', you better hold on to your job like me.
You can jive me all you wanta, but you can't jive that Number Four-O-Three.
Man, the boss is watching you, your head is hard, as hard can be.
You better stop your loafin' and shovel some dirt with me.
Boy, you better watch out, ‘cause you headed for that Number Four-O-Three.
I think I better tell you ‘bout that number, ‘cause you don't seem to understand.
It's a unlucky number when that boss place it in your hand.
It means you ain't got no more job, and you're woman soon will have another man.
I've got a big leg mama. She's so fine and mellow to me.
She's got legs just like milk postes. I can't let my baby get away from me.
So you can do whatever you please, but that man will never hand me that Number