Перевод песни Out Of Date – Ucimu

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I wonder why should we be slaves to time and money,
‘cause we have just one life, and we spend all of it denying
that we're just here by chance,
and there's no evidence
of any god or will
to invoke right while you kill.
It cannot be your faith, the answer to those many questions,
nor your prayers, to save us from the sins you invented.
It's time you admit that's fear that gives a meaning to your life
Locks keep the world from getting inside of you
I live my life without lying,
‘cause i know that we're right
when we do our best to make the people that we love shine,
so keep that in mind: life is just a ride.
Respect is the only law that we are meant to follow.
This system's not working, there are still people starving,
no water, no hygiene (and you complain ‘bout going to school).
Our lifetime should be spent
to enhance our knowledge
and find out how to go
where humankind will prosper
You're fucking late, people now will rise against you.
We don't care about your money and your religion.
It's time we share freedom from your brainwash therapy.
How could spending money on drones and bombs
be a step towards a world of peace?!
I know it's easier said than done, but we've got to rise up and take back the
true laws that should rule the world.
We're just an accident, and we don't own nothing, we're one sick, sad animal,
but our brain should handle our dystopic egos.
Keep yourself from waisting time, ‘cause we're not here to stay,
enjoy your life and think about what we really are
You see, I am you