Перевод песни Conejo – My Notorious Status

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Every C Rap Label
Wished They Could Sign Me
And That's A Fact
You Know I'm Sayin'?
But Me, I'm Just Doing What The Fuck I Feel Like Doing
And That's It
That's What You Get
Now Check It
My Notorious Status
Certify Me The Baddest
I'm Semi-Automatic
Pragmatic With Static
Killing All You Cowards
I'm A Road Side Bomb
Competition Devoured
I Bang With The Youth
Call It Rapid Crime
Hood Signs Glock Nines
L.A.C. On Mines
Cold Rhymes
Weak Regiments Fail
Cross Paths With The Boss
And I'll Take You To Hell
She A Covert Agent
In This Camouflage
Behind The Facade
They Dealing Espionage
Authorities Want Me
Said I'm The Invoker
Got Shorty X'd Up
And I'm Fixing To Poke Her
Yous A Joker
And You In No Position
Vatos Try To Bite
They Should Pay Me Commission
I'm A Freelance Killer
Upon Completion
50 G's In My Pocket
And Now I'm At The Venetian
Wage War
On Your Entire Scene
Got Dudes From Your Block
Trying To Clap You Clean
Cause You A C. I
And I'm A Legend
Homie Straight From The Gutter
With A Coded Message
For The Fans
That Be Like Damn
That's Big G Rabbs
Homie Doing His Thing
Is He Signed
Or Is He Not?
I Heard That He Came
From The School Of Thought
Dark Night
That Share Our Rights
Anyone In The Game
When He's High On White
I'm Like Braille To The Blind
You Catch My Drift?
I Descend From The Lab
The Graveyard Shift
Wreak Havoc
Whole Community Spun
And It Happened Over Night
The Club Gave Up Its Funds
To The Rebel
With The Rainy Claws
They Fire On The Ground
With His Voice All Loud
And Got The Birdies
Half A Million A Duffel
Its Torture-ific
If You're A Bitch I'm A Fuck You
And Law Enforcement Officials
Reading The Report
That My Dosage Inflict You
Then Trick You
It Was Meant To Be
Ol Boy Took You
Between His E — Y — E's
Now You're Mourning
Investigation Is Forming
Same Night Rap Show
C Loco Performing
Now They're Swarming
Like Some Flies On This
Though We Back In Baratilla
Where They Shape Them Bricks
Blue Pits
I'm In The Pit
Means I'll Tear You To Shreds
I Was Born To Conflict
They Jump Ship
I'm The Wave That's Comin'
I'm The Séance
That The Rap Game Summoned
I'm Here
To See Whose Mouth Is Runnin'
But The Session's On Mute
They Step Off & Salute
Its Like Everybody Wanna Know
Who I'm Down With And Who I'm Not
But That Don't Really Matter You See
Cause I'll Even Work With My Enemies In This Shit
What? You Ain't Knowin'?
Man Just Sit Back & Enjoy The Music
Thats All You Gotta Do
Notorious Enemy Felony Case