Перевод песни Holly Near – She

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She danced across the mountain, she thought no one could see
And every move she made across the land taught her to be free
She swept across the valley, her body so defined
And wet with the sweat of seventeen, she found another mountain to be climbed
She soared across the desert, the moon was all aglow
She stumbled once in the freezing sand but no one would ever know
She swam across the river, her muscles straining strong
And she knew as she crossed, the water pulled her deeper into places she
She came to another mountain and found that all could see
Every move was proudly made with love and dignity
For she is Freedom's daughter and Mother Nature's child
As she raced across the finish line her beauty drove the watchful people wild
She paused to feel the power of people singing songs
That celebrated living, a feeling that she longed for
But slicing through the laughter came an anguished country's cries
And she saw a gun blow up the song and stole away the future from her eyes
A child was standing near her and caught the runner's fire
She kissed her mouth with passion and filled her with desire
And when her feet were on the ground she faced the burning sky
And with a cry that filled the air with rain
She cooled the skin of those who would not die
The killer saw her power, the tyrant saw her skill
The women saw themselves in her and the people saw her will
Divided by their colors, betrayed by fear's decree
But no matter how the future goes, She has been and She will always be She will dance across the mountain
She will dance across the mountain
I have dreamed on this mountain