Перевод песни Apollo Brown – Desperation

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Yo, I gotta do something man
It's now or never
I'm either all the way right
Or I'm all the way left
Let me explain
I got one hand clutching the Nine
The other is clutching the microphone
Trying to make a clear choice between the right and wrong
Trying to stay in the zone with the right mind frame
But I keep getting distracted, my whole life's changed
I done went from being the best at it To being the last to even get mentioned, it's pure madness
I can go to the lab and be productive
I throw my hands up at the world and say 'fuck it'
The rap game — hate it; hip hop — I love it Fighting to stay sober or to abuse the substance
My temperature's high, spontaneous combustion
Leaves me to spit this lava in this discussion
So it's a must that I continue to struggle
Or hide behind my weakness knowing I got the muscle
To move mountains of trial within my pathway
So I say Bismillah, you cowards make way
I gotta make a move
Don't step to me homie I'm bad news
Walk off wit you battered and bruised
I gotta make a move
Cause now I got nothing to lose
You would never will to walk in my shoes
I gotta make a move
Sturdy face in the inner city blues
As I try to make a step to improve
I gotta make a move
While you got your clock on snooze
I'm up early getting paid my dues
I gotta make a move
I'm living in hell struggling to get to heaven
As I fight this urge to use a Smith & Wesson
Its a toss up as I'm searching for guidance
Do I follow my demons or take the path to be righteous
How do I fight this? Meaning how do I write this
Lyrical prescription leading the cure to sickness
Listen as I spit this, choices gotta be made
Before i find myself in a rage throwing grenades
Load and cocking the gauge, feeling to hit the stage
Just in case i need to avoid my temperous phase
Running from my own inner power like Bruce Banner
But tired of being oppressed and murdered by these gaffers
This life is a test, is what I'm after
So I'm steady writing for freedom in every chapter
In every line I design I clear a pathway
So I say Bismillah, you cowards make way