Перевод песни Apollo Brown – Fooled For Thought

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Gas Mask
The Left
Uh huh
Check me out
Yo yo
I take a sit back and listen as the world cries
Wondering why we're given life and then have to die
Wondering why some are poor and the others rich
What makes a man become loyal while the others snitch
These are complicated questions with a simple answer
But the acceptance of the truth is kinda hard to fathom
Cause we've spent the whole life believing lies told
Now the lies are exposed for the world to know
Its decision time better make your choice wisely
Who you choose or just continue to follow blindly
That's what's easier just believe the media
Even though you know they're deliberately misleading ya
I asked the question «what's the purpose of life?»
And the response I got was «making money and ice»
Well, if this the reason for every man's existence
How come we're not all shining and glistening
Fooled for thought