Перевод песни Apollo Brown – Binoculars

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Yo, my life is complex to say the least
So I try to find release in every moment that I grace a beat
People view me as strong cause they don't see the weakness
That's caused by my inner demons that I battle frequent
So I'm frequent in my prayers to elude the madness
That goes on across the globe as I watch the masses
Plummet in despair
I watch people complain while other people just pray for a little rain
That seems kinda strange just when you sit and observe
And notice that society driving people berserk
Trying to mask the hurt, but it's hard to hide the obvious
Like remote control planes hittin' the twin towers
As I'm preparing myself to meet the final hour
I'm giving Dawah within my actions the lord's power
Cause that fire's a real thing
Contrary to your belief's everybody gotta meet the King
Open your eyes look, through binoculars, pay attention, yeah
Verse Two
Misconception is the brute to the false perception
That often leaves loss people to the misdirection
Electing fools for leaders playing the guessing game
While the qualified leaders are locked in the cage
From Mandela to Rap Brown, the same cycle
Been going on since pharaoh knew of a coming rival
This is a survival transcended to spirit form
Between heaven and hell is where your souls torn
From Philistine to Kashmir to people suffering
While we watch from a distance and plan to do nothing
Desensitized to lies told through the airwaves
We're quarantined from the truth like it's a bad plague
Pray for the best, but trust me the worst is yet to come
Motivatin' the people who lack the overcome
Cause with every success story a struggle follows
As we push for a bright future to come tomorrow
Truth always stand clear from falsehood, man
You ain't never got to question it, regardless, yeah, The Left