Перевод песни Frost – Sunshine

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How you gon' do it there, you wanna do it
With that man
You need to shake that fool
Come on
Pre-Chorus 1: David Wade
You're my sunshine
Sweet love is heavenly
You put a smile on my face when you
Stepped in the place, I just
Gotta figure out
How to get you next to me
All I ever need
All I ever need, baby
All I ever need, baby
Was a girl like you for me
Was the girl that was down for me
A real girl that was down with me
All I ever had
And all I ever had for her
All I ever had for us
Is all I, all I need
Is all you ever need, baby
I'll be all you ever need
Doll, I swear I thought I never see the day
When I say, «Love is all I ever need,» but hey (Mama)
Right now, baby girl, it seems okay
So dream lover, come here, girl, make my day
Must be an angel made in heaven, sent to rescue me
Cause when I'm with you, boo, you bringin' out the best in me (For real)
Skies hazy, mind cloudy
Rap life drive me crazy
Times are hard, I could count on my lady
Bounce to the ounce
Always help me bounce back
If I ain't a player, call at five to crush and all that
All I need is my querida
Amor de mi vida (Yeah)
My sweet lover
My bomb mamacita
Repeat Pre-Chorus 1
Repeat Chorus
You look so good, baby
Driving me wild, baby
Really, I been thinkin' I'm a keep you next to me
It's just the things you do, baby
Got me going crazy
I been singing
I wanna love you
So let me lean you down
Even if it's for one night
Da-da, da, da
One night
So let me lean you down
Even if it's for one night
Da-da, da, da (Even for one night)
Repeat Pre-Chorus 1
Pre-Chorus 2: David Wade
Hey lady, you're so fine, baby
You blow my mind, baby
Don't you know how happy we could be
It'd be you and me
Us two, and you'll see
Cause my love, is all
You need
Repeat Chorus
My heart belongs to you, sangre de mi Azteca
Sexy nina, pretty brown, queen de mi tierra
My reason for breathin'
What could be better
Than me and you together, you and me, forever
For your love girl, I'd trade all my cheddar
And give you all my worldly material pleasures
Just promise me to separate, never
Stay true to me, and I'll stay true forever
You say you could handle the weather
Can't stand the rain
Baby, I dig you so much, want you to keep my last name
Got me switching up my style, jumpin' out the fast lane
Celebrate our love, with a toast of champagne
Repeat Pre-Chorus 1
Repeat Pre-Chorus 2
Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus & Pre-Chorus 1
Repeat Chorus & Pre-Chorus 2
All I ever need
Was a girl like you for me
All I ever had
Is all I, all I need