Перевод песни Black Country Communion – Crossfire

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I hear them sing
Break the bone
And feel that sting
In the mornin'
They will sail
The dogs of hell
Are on my trail
They will come
With nerves of Steel
Battle worn
And it's so real
I got to go
I'm on my way
To another land
Where I can stay
I can feel the afterburn
There lies my freedom
All the while the wheels
They turn
I will discover
We were only meant to Learn
I'm leavin' this life and fate
In the crossfire
Won't you come and shelter me Its so dark
And I can't see
Evergreen they shake the ground
To Aragon without a sound
Death denies their
Holy Grail
The wind does cry
And they will sail
So say a prayer and think
Of me And script it on my legacy