Перевод песни Black Country Communion – Man In The Middle

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Got a whiplash tongue
That is sharp like a razor
With a kill switch mind a role manipulator
And you're so alive
I can see you on the marquee
You're in overdrive
But you're lookin'
For the Soul key
You're a big bone lick
And I can feel your vibration
A Dog and Pony
You know you need a Vacatlon
WIth your mighty fine
Now you're livin'
In a typhoon
You Better check your health
I See the risin' of the
Black Moon
The man
The man in the middle
Tell me can
Can you cry me a riddle?
You can't see the light
And the darkness
Has fallen upon you
And you live and die
In the madness
That gathers around you
In a big black car
Now you're full of ambition
You're a Rock 'n Roll Star
With a killer condition
Talk so cheap
And I heard
It on the
You Better sow what you reap
Or you be walkin' on a Flatline
Can't see the light 'til
You open your eyes
You open your eyes