Перевод песни La Toya Jackson – Just Wanna Dance

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I'm getting dressed
To look my best tonight
It's friday night and I can't wait to parta
Run out my door
First on the dance floor
And I don't care if no one shows up but me
Danced on the floor
The guys all stare at me
The women hate me cause they wanna be me
Shaking my ass
With lots of class, that's why
But they don't know if I'm a he or a she
Watching all my moves
Breaking all the rules
Seeing if I kick it with a girl or a man tonight
I just wanna dance until the
The morning light
Let's dance boys
Let's dance tonight and
Keep this party going till the night is over
All night, all night, all night
Let's keep this party going till the night is over
Guys on the floor
Rubbing my big back door
Ask if I wanna dance with him or with her
Sure, I don't care
Just keep your rhythm right
Didn't come to teach, just to shake my ass all night
I got so freaky
Then let my hair come down
Rubbed my back door against him, all the way to the ground
Everyone's looking
To see what I do next
I turned to her and kissed her neck and did it chest to chest
Let's dance, just wanna dance, let's dance