Перевод песни Stanley Kirby with Orchestra – Ragtime Violin

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Mister Brown, Mister Brown had a violin
Went around, all around with his violin
Lawdy, how he play'd it, sway'd it, made it moan so beautiful
Anna Lize, Anna Lize heard his violin
Roll'd her eyes, roll'd her eyes at his violin
Lawdy, how he lov'd her, turtledoved 'er
When Anna would cry
Fiddle up, fiddle up on your violin
Lay right on it, rest your chin upon it Doggone you better begin
And play an overture upon your violin
Hurry up, hurry up with your violin
Make it sooner, don't you stop to tune 'er
Fid, fid, fid, fiddle the middle of your ragtime violin
Mister Brown, Mister Brown at a fancy ball
Sat around, sat around, sat around the hall
Wouldn't take a chance to dance because the band was terrible
Anna Lize, Anna Lize hit upon a plan
Roll'd her eyes, roll'd her eyes at the leaderman
Took his fiddle down to Mister Brown to Just kiss him and cry