Перевод песни Frankie Armstrong – The Female Drummer

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I listed in the army in uniform quite new
And if they let me have a drum I'll be a drummer too
To rush into the battlefield with a broadsword in my hand
To hear the cannon rattle and the music play so grand
And the music play so grand, and the music play so grand
To hear the cannon rattle and the music play so grand
When I was a young girl at the age of sixteen
From my home I ran away to go and serve the Queen
The officer who enlisted me said, You are a fine young man
I think you'll make a drummer, so just step this way, young man
They led me to my office, they let me off to bed
And lying by a soldier's side I never was afraid
And taking off my old red coat I oftimes used to smile
To think myself a drummer, yet a female all the while
My waist long and slender, my fingers neat and small
And very soon they taught me how to play the best of all
I played upon the kettle drum as other drummers played
I played upon my kettle drum and I'll beat the drum again
They sent me off to London to be guard o'er the Tower
And there I would have been until this very day and hour
But a young girl fell in love with me, she found I was a maid
She went straightway to my officer, my secret betrayed
My officer he sent for me to see if it was true
But I all for to beat him said I already knew
There's a pension award for you, he smiled and he said
It's a pity we should lose you, such a drummer as you made
So fare you well, my officer, you have been kind to me And fare you well, my comrades, you ne'er forgot shall be And should the British Army fall short of any men
I'll put on my hat and feather and I'll beat the drum again