Перевод песни Milky Wimpshake – Chemical Spray

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I said hey hey chemical spray
I didn't wanna go to work today
I said who? who? going to school
The teachers gonna teach you how to eat stule
Now now manically now
I don't want a job anyhow
Go, go, go to the show
But you better monkey show for the chicken. show
I said wind, shake, goodness sake
He told food, but don't need stake
I said car horse all this force
Makes a lot of sense reach your model source
Down, down, down the hatch
The drummers gonna stand my eye then will crash
I wanna be your woman like reach out jam
Here we go 2 3 4
I said uh ah, Terika
What's the difference when you go that far?
I said all fight on.
Your exhibition is a fucking right
I said people shares, people shares
But you better get yourself at the apple a pez
Sign off myself off here
Pass me the pain brush will you there?
Pass me the pain brush will you there?