Перевод песни Pentacle – The Utmost Desolation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Attacking the old entrance and the defended old mole
The seventeen ML's have as task to embark the commandos
Yet without distraction from the Royal Air Force
The coastal defenses put all their efforts in stopping the small boats
The first group has to land at the old mole
The second group has as target the centre of the assault area
Both groups have their own specific goal
Defending the old town and destroying the dockyard
The ML's wooden structure offers little protection
When the germans found their rage to let go their fire
Many different pieces found their illuminated targets
Opening up their fire, hitting flesh, wood and metal
Courage — isn't enough as protection against a sudden death
Fighting — to rescue their lives with little chance to come out alive
Igniting or been blown up Burning petrol is beeing spread
Trapping the survivors of the ML's
The whole river is like a hell
«Help Me!!!»
Floating furnaces drifting on water
Cremation oh hope and valor
The end of many young lives
The sky is on fire
No fortified harbor can be attcked by wooden ML's
Yet they fought as they did, landed troops on the mole
Eight motor launches got to sea again
Achieved through skill and courage they live to fight again