Перевод песни Pentacle – (Storming Through) A Hail of Steel

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My heart is beating in my throat
My nerves are strecthed to the max
My blood is pumping zhrough my veins
My muscles are ready to react
The iron bridge lies in front of me It's structure is illuminated by the flares
The land beyond is my target now
To escape from the German revenge
Only a few seconds to go Before I have to run
Will I make it to the other side
Or will I meet my doom
Colonel Newman gives his order
«Away you go, lads!»
As fast as I can I get on my feed
To storm towards bridge D Left and right the bullets pass me Over my head I hear them go The traces are coming towards me Yet, there's no time to duck
Faster and faster my legs move
From the hip I open fire
My bullets are now covering the pillbox
I see my friends fall
Hell is now all around me Friend and foe, they perish
I open fire at a figure ahead of me
I see he drops his gun
The end of the bridge is in sight
Almost I've accomplished my goal
Only a few meters left
Safety is now in reach
Suddenly I notice a German gunner
He points his K98 at me His finger turns white, the blast of the bullet
Dark is my sight