Перевод песни Cinerary – Hung By Intestines

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
As we collapse
In the black
Slowly lowered
Into the well
Walls covered in
Flesh and blood
Entitys — hung by
Their entrails
Grabbing the wall
Your fingernails
Snap back pus
Secreting from the
Tips of your hands
A light below reveals
Bodys of the deifide
The smell of death still
Fresh in the air
Your hands throbbing a
Sensation a suffering
Associated with body disorder
The naked nerves cause
A mental distress
You seek the
Order of supplication
A secretion fills
The brain — you
Realize trapped in hades
The nether realm
Damned to suffer
Everlasting punishment
Cursed are the entitys
For you have
Been deifide — seeking
New victims you
Crave the taste
Of intestins
Supplicate the bowels