Перевод песни Cinerary – Inheriting the Deified

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
As it rains in heaven
Water washes away
The gates into the nether realms
Angels engage in War against all
Who have souls
And stripped of Their wings
Blood spills — the
Soil becomes alive
For the enemy will
Walk this earth again
Coming closer to Inheriting the earth
The ghost speaks in Rage — and all who
Stand in front of This wind will fall
Sinking deeper into
The communion
The weak become
Deified — slave and
Fire dominate
Now — this place
The ashes are among us Walking in heaven as the
Screams of supplication
Renounce god
For all who have sinned
Will face cremation
The hope finally dying
All that remains a cinerary