Перевод песни Temple of Baal – Dead Cult

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Ancient sayings tell about
Legends of ancient times
Times of darkness and mysteries
When our cult stayed hidden from all light
Disciples used to gather
Celebrate the dark mysteries
Sharing occult treasures
Offering in His name
Horns raised to the sky in the dim light of the candles
Chants from the Void to celebrate the Black Death Cult
Blasphemic scriptures
In hidden black books
To initiate those who deserved
Some to master
Some to fail
Some never to return...
Unholy words of praise
Black chants of Death
New forms of Darkness
New keys to forbidden gates
Alas came the bitter end
Too many so-called chosen ones
Defiling the black essence
Raping the magic of the flame
The cult is dead
But few in numbers
We remember those ancient times
For we've been struck
By the coldest blaze
And our souls forever bear
The burn of its dead light...