Перевод песни Temple of Baal – Vectors to the Void

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
I close my eyes on their world
Cleanse my mind from their poisoned prayers
Prepare for the wander
Into the black, bottomless lair
Emptiness overtakes, motionless
Darkness, stillness, silence
Keys to the spirit's gates
Joining the undead souls
In their endless silent slumber
Dreamless sleep in starless nights
For aeons everfurther
Drifting in emptiness
Reaching unconsiousness
Voidwards we go on in our quest
Voidwards we dive
Headlong into the vortex
Transcending all dimensions
From the whole to none
Vectors to the void
Seize us, lead us all to the darkest illumination
Wipe us, one and all through annihilation
Burn the bonds of mortal limitations
Transform our souls to reach your revelation
Convoys to dimensions none could ever explore
Answers to questions none could ask before
Vessels of spiritual nature so many fail to join
Drag us into nothingess, Vectors to the Void