Перевод песни Hirax – The Laws of Temptation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
You lie, you cheat, kill and steal
You're supposed to be the law
Take the oath to protect and serve
Exploited and destroyed them all
Guilt is written, it shows on your face
You will pay with your life
The good, the bad, the mean
Ugly scum of the Earth
Demented, sick and crazy
Damaged, distressed and hurt
Battered and beaten, Never too young to die
Drunk with power, And FUELED BY HATE!
Guilty as charged
Failed all the tests
Misuse of power
Controlled and possessed, You will be judged
By those you have punished
Disgraced, twist human. The truth will be told!
High priest of sin. Blood, thirst and greed
Master of guilt. Corruption and lust
Seducer in black. Desecration of souls
Denial of truth and innocence is lost
Victims, Crimes of flesh
Decades of lies, Repent to death