Перевод песни Elenium – Anxietranquillity Error

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Flames have exploded above heads
Spaces have opened
Closed so far in the cocoon of hands
The streams have gushed out above the hearts
The depths have opened
Hidden so far under the eyelids
Neither flash nor thunder will reach me Neither will the rain of the morning dew
I won't reach the clouds
The shiver drizzles
And darkness overflows from the mouths
And the piercing bile spreads the net
Silence, the great silence, and nothing
I merge anger and rebellion
Into caldron, into fear
Catch what was not
Is not and cannot be Cram into being and non-being
Into power and weakness
And into this unmeasured shiver
The eyes of all the oceans
The eyes of the unchanging lands
The eyes of all creatures
Will be poked out
The hearts of all the people
The hearts of cold stones
The hearts of invincible atoms
Will be torn out
Autumn came, dressed in rags
And with her the wistful northern wind
It brought the cold flurries
Of rotten leaves and a dishwater of thoughts
It blows through bones and remains
The barren stench of sand
I'll go. Yes, tomorrow morning
I'll tear all my veins on the serrated rock
And I'll make flower bunches of them
I'll bless all
With a still warm urine