Перевод песни Abaddon Incarnate – Eater of Worlds, Devourer of Time

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
As the stars are blotted out by the blackness
And a black sun swallows the Earth
Mother of darkness with terrifying aspect
Murderess, destroyer begins to give birth
I've seen her before in the eyes of the women
Her dark song sings from the hearts of the girls
As a man I tremble terrified
This cycle is endless and always within us she shall...
Rise Kali, rise Kali, rise Kali, rise
In two hands she holds two blades of destruction
In another she holds a severed head
In another she holds a chalice of blood
Mother and killer who is both life and death
Paradox goddess, swallower of time
I will cross my threshold of fear
Cut my head of from my body
Dance with me into oblivion where we shall...
Rise Kali, rise Kali, rise Kali, rise
May I give my head to hang upon your garland?
May I cross the threshold, may I pledge my heart, mind and soul?
One thousand shades of death, scattering plague and destruction
Dancing mad with joy, come o' mother... Rise!
She embodies the ultimate horror
And I will walk through my terrors to her
She is a roaring whirlwind
Of a million screaming lunatics
Rip the trees up from their roots
Crack the rocks of the Earth asunder
Wash away the mountains to dust
Time, all destroyers, come o' mother...
Rise Kali, rise Kali, rise Kali, rise Kali
Mother of death!