Перевод песни Atomic Aggressor – Beyond Reality

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The Fright Has Come, to your dreams
Visions tells, through your screams
The mistery of reality, has come for you
How will you know, what is real?
But The fright is here, and that's what you feel
Occult forces, wants your head
If you don't awake, you will be dead
The mistery of reality, has come for you
Your dreams are the gates for this nightmare
soon you will see
How come the souls from hell
You can't awake, you are trapped in your own dream
You are trapped under this spell
Unholy forms if life, and you never thought this fright
Now in your dreams for your fate you'll have to fright
Or you will die in this horrible night
The mistery of reality, has come for you
Don't try to awake because this nightmare never stops
All that you see is real
The sight of the end, the dreams still remains
And the fright of the nightmare you feel
Why don't you fright? Why your god has left you here?
Tell me why are you crying in fear?
Beyond reality is the gate to the truth
Beyond reality fall your tears