Перевод песни Mutilated – Her Spaded Anus

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An unusual wretched slut who craves not vaginal
Penetration but needs her turd hole stretched beyond
Its limitation
She pays top dollar to any shmuck with a dong
Such a filthy c*nt, she ll let you blow it on her tongue
Doesn t care if shit stains her mouth she loves the taste of stool
Hands on her ankles head on the floor
Exploding her anal pool
Her ass s next encounter will be with my calloused fist
Yes, i will jam my hand into a place were a bunch of guys have pissed
Her ass sucked it up way to easy to receive any pain so i jammed it in even
Just drove this bitch insane
It s time to excavate what this c*nt holds so sacred
Withdraw my arm from her ass and make the bitch taste it Suffer she is destined
She never tasted her intestine
Picking a place to carve a hole in So i can masterbate into her colon
Stabbing an inch above her sphincter
I make a mess of her crack
Jizzing in her stinker i show her
Her pulp-like asshole lying in my hand
She begged for me to put it back
So i kicked her f*cking teeth in Grinning, knowing this chick cannot blow a fart
For i m the motherf*cker who ripped her ass apart