Перевод песни Mutilated – To Fuck the Rotted

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Ram my dick into the dead... while i eat the worms
From her head, prepare the corpse for the fuck
Of decomposing pussy lust... engorged is my cock
Splitting rotted labia and eating shrunken face
Larvae wets the holes with a sticky webbed like
Goo builds a massive load in my nuts the whores
Hard to fuck lying on her back so i flip the
Expired cunt over to ram it up her ass crack the
Carcass has me moaning like a school girl getting
Butt fucked the larvae that i spoke of is migrating
Up my urethra writhing in discomfort for it's hard
To fuck in a casket so i take this stiff bitch home
Stuffed in a laundry basket where i can fuck her
Like my prison bitch i'm about to cum all over the
Place blow it on her gums smear it on her face
Maggots all throughout my jizz why not eat her
Tits when the semen dries the maggots turn into
Flies my house smells like a shit pen from fucking
A putrid stiff i have a major hard on i'm ready to
Fuck again decaying anus makes me bleed balls
Drawing tight i drop my seed balls drawing tight
I drop my seed my objective is to cum not breed
Fuck this cunt in her ass she can't scream