Перевод песни Mutilated – Lactating Blood

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Expecting mothers are the ones that i hunt for
Their swollen tits not their occupied c*nts
Removing their breasts cures my erections
Majority of them are kept some of them are
Digested... rag soaked in ether knocks them out
Just fine... their rotund fun bags soon to be mine
Mawed mounds of fat with nipples detached
From the chest... two more to add to my collection... woman awakes breastless
Tits-dangle from strings like a mammary mobile
Tits-like a portrait of beauty nailed to my walls
Tits-stuff my fridge, chilled to stay freshly cut
Tits-warm and plump stolen from pregnant sluts
Two pieces of bread and a breast in between
Topped off with lettuce and a scrumptious slice
Of cheese... sinking my teeth into such a marvelous
Taste with every chew flesh spurting out
Salty bloody paste tits are lactating blood
Not milk is gushing