Перевод песни Mutilated – Hollowed Out Cunt

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Disgusting, unconceivable craving for pussy
Beautifully butchered creampies so bloody
Nipples removed to expose slimey fat
Leaking rancid stenched goo
Squeezing tits till there flat
Hedge clippers are my choice of tool
One blade in her cunt the other in her ass
Gently in place only to be savagely hacked
Pussy and anus now one giant shit smelling gash
Not only do i fuck the attractive gory soggy hole
I jam my fist in as far as it will go
Colon, bladder, and uterus blended into jelly
All done with my hand
Inside her belly removing handfuls of internal glop
Soon to feed upon rank piss smelling slop
My cock is hard as it sloshes threw the mess
It only makes me hotter as i stab her chest
Hearing bone crunch as blade slams through her sternum
Must fuck the wounds between her tits so i can cum
I'm sweating like a fucking pig
Now she's not that elegant after i blow my load
I throw her pieces in the garbage