Перевод песни Profanum – The Serpent Crown

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Here it is: the land of serpent
The garden of fire
Blue moon soon shall burn
As every night my vision is born
Serpents are born by night here and everywhere
Without bodies like candles gleam
You parlysed victim
You will lie now and ever
In creeping mass of blackened evil
Bound by fiery chains
Salamandra's tongue
You'll serve us forever
Here it is: two crowns path
Red of yours
My torture's thorns...
Poison is flowing down on your flesh
As you drink black blood silver chalice
In the gleam of creeping flames
Nailed to time, you become me And everything and nonenity
... Licking your wounds
Drink and you'll dwell in crown of mine
Vomit with fire from the throne's majesty
The whole serpent garden
I'll born the fruit of perversity
Open veins blasphemy
And wings shall fall to blood
Wounded with a knife
Of night's aeon