Перевод песни Sacred Reich – A Question

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
What do you say
When I say life's untrue?
What do you see
Unfolding in front of you?
What do you hear
When ears take the place of eyes?
What do you feel
When you confront a world of lies?
What do you do To save your little world?
What can you grasp
As the thread unfurls?
What can you be When your work is done?
What will be left
When you've turned to dust?
Is everything
Just like you thought it'd be?
A perfect picture
Or collage of obscurity
There is no fit
No pieces that tongue ad groove
Bindings that hold
Are just temporary
What does it mean
To be alive?
What are the answers
Deep inside your mind?
What is to be
When you're dead and gone?
Where is the line
Between right and wrong?
What can I say
How do I know it's true?
The constant is change
Right in front of you
I know what I think
I think knowledge is the key
To unlock potential
Of humanity
A question is just
A tool for your mind
A key to open
And I look to see inside
The answers are yours
For you to find
All these things
Will come in time
The unexamined life is not worth living-Plato