Перевод песни Aversion to Life – Aggravated Prolapse of the Spirit

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Beckoning inward begin to satiate, prolapsing spirit dwells to emaciate
Aggravation consumes its ineptness, your disgorged soul, the venomous perfection
Why can't you feel what's inside of you, violent ingurgitation fills your brain
Soul releases hope and faith, Xanadu, spirit now embodies the truth
Beaten to unconsciousness, crying, begging, in my grasp of
Pure hatred, it intensifies, burning, ambivalent, to your demise
Bleeding through, fucking pulverized, eradicating all hopes of
Painless death, catastrophe, nauseating, horrific, screaming
Soul now hollow spreading forth carnality
Licentiously, ripping at your spirit bound to me
Only faith left, is knowing impending destiny
Insipid doubt
Of what your soul means, to my hunger pains
Vehemently, opposing me
Struggle, no avail sacrificial slaughter of what lives inside
Clouded mind
Cannot purify, rotting, inside out
Corrupt yourself, I just exploit
Minds of the weak, patheticness a curse of being
No more weakness inside your bleeding heart, no more dependence on light
growing now apart
Cannot control the purified sensation, cannot stop you from spreading my disease
Create another blasphemy through torture, new power found demon bound you
cannot stop
Released on this earth new soul rebirth, let the power flow from your divine