Перевод песни Aversion to Life – Blasphemous Torment

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Rotten piles of corpses bleed, under inverted crosses feed
Witness to the evil breed, everlasting fire, suffer!
Blasphemic debauchery, chronic blood dependency
Let the power flow thru me, abysmal wretchedness
Release your soul to me, crucified upside down, vomiting my blasphemous torment
Gallons of your blood on me, fuck your eyes out of your skull, sockets spewing
Convulsing on the cross, deteriorating body mass, more chunks of tissue for the
Stumps are spewing pus, twitching lump as it falls to the ground, pleasure
Another victim to bleed, crawling to me, begging for my blasphemy
Nailed up to, inverted cross, struggle to breathe, feeding the beast draw last
Divine prophecy extracting from your flesh, habitual reality taste your
Homicidal lechery bathed in your own wretch, defiled treachery, gangrene sets in Divine prophecy extracting from your flesh, habitual reality taste your
Burning flames, igniting brain, scorching pain, cremating faith
Burning flames, igniting brain, blasphemic debauchery
Gnashing on your spleen, exploring violently, draining all my seed,
take you to the brink
Taste the pain of life, screams spear your strife, festering in bile,
soul for me to drink
Strung upside down, carving at your feet, twitching body meat, kept alive to think
Not allowing death, pile of twitching meat, blasphemous torment ensues
Still not dead yet, carnivorous savoring, nailed through your eyes,
suffering incarnate
Swimming in your pooled blood, eviscerated, pillaging, tormenting incantation,
insane predicament
Human crucifixion, putrid blasphemation, explicitly divine, you've drowned
yourself in Torrential suffering, until you can stand no more, screaming to become,
my defiled whore
Living without agony, alien nature to me, homicidal blasphemy, I release thee
Beautiful suffering, cannot stop it, upside down in your blood, asphyxiate