Перевод песни Aversion to Life – Threshold of Pain

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Bleeding Pain, drooling suffering, I shall enjoy becoming your fear
Enjoying every second of my offering, praying for death as I draw near
You will know the pain, make you bleed again
Quickly start the screams, slowly releasing
Your death savoring, beg me to destroy
Screaming perpetuate, tortured violently
Ungula ripped out first, break each toe one by one
Decayed contrivance crush, feeding the malignant beast
Bone crushing hours, savor each snap sets me free
Bound, gagged, and drawn, commence your cruor discharge
Rusted scalpel disperse, your tits I incise and extract
Cauterize with burning blood, finding your threshold of pain
Torment has just begun, lacerating your bloody cunt hole
Moan and shriek combined, convulsions gorging my gluttony
Staple eyelids to your forehead, you can see what you do to me
Enjoy the axe handle sodomy, busting teeth with your own shit
Kept alive despite your cries, gnawing skull flesh parasitic
Ram your shit into your spleen, splore the entrails, find the seed
Ripping flesh away, legs far astray, enjoying my prey
Skull in my hands, taste beating brain, still not dead
Nails through your eyes, cock down your throat, stifle your cries
You dirty bitch, bleeding lubrication, taste urination
Hangar for your cunt, abort the fucking lump, you die next
Threshold of pain, point of agony, release your own life
Drink my cum, gagged and bleed, cock protruding, from your head
Finality comes, touch of death, one with pain, hours suffering
Before you bleed, for all eternity, blessed by pain, forever suffering