Перевод песни Aversion to Life – Postpartum Evisceration

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Macerated by hate, spreads like disease that is all consuming
My only thought is to kill, my family, my children, my infant, myself
Possessed by an evil in me, I start the slaughter with my screaming baby
Stifle her cries with my axe, the final lullaby the sound of her death
Realizing what I have done, continuing my campaign of blood
Murder my entire family, consumed with morbid insanity
Hearing screams of their horrific death
Scolding life away, their souls I redeem, I must baptize them in pain
Killing one by one, struggling, submerged, I drown my toddler son
Heat and steam I breathe, the adrenaline and sweat, I can barely fucking see
Leaving his corpse at the bottom of the tub, flesh bloating
Indecency, the dead bodies, they multiply
They will finally be at peace, unbearable suffering, condemned to burn in hell
for eternity
I'm not done, I still hear crying, defilement of gods creations, bleed
Transgression, this state of being, disillusion all but devours me
Visions of my destiny, my holy quests to bond, torture, kill all I see
Postpartum Evisceration
Scorching after life, there is no hiding, you realize what gods plans has in
store for
Hunting kids as prey, for they must suffocate, in water and pain, inundation
Dispelling all their sins, I begin to pray, as their lives slip away,
Bathroom filled with dead, bodies of those I loved, what have I become,
Execrations, slitting my throat in agony, deprivation, of blood and life,
of god and light
Incantations — blasphemous curse I'm vomiting, slipping away, descending to
voids of darkness
Perverse, enlightened, condemned, I leave my body