Перевод песни Atomizer – For Blood!! For Blood!!

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For blood! For blood! For blood!
The legions file in And the crowd, the crowd it roars
As the lion, the lion stalks
And christians are thrown
Into the pit
And the frenzied minions
Chant for it For blood! For blood! For blood!
We must have blood
They're dragged in chains
From dungeons
Screaming for mercy
Pleading to be freed
Disciplined with whips
They're dragged to the pit
Still begging to be spared
And the crowd
The crowd it roars
As the lion
The lion strikes
Ripping christians limb from limb
And the crowds are screaming with murderous intent
For blood! For blood For blood!
We must have blood!
They're dragged by their hair
Screaming in despair
The crowds are chanting loud
To the lions with this filth
They watch, as they are mauled
Believers strewn from side to side
A feast of death
Of blood and gore
They're praying to the gods
Let there be more