Перевод песни Celestia – The Fragrance of the Dead Rose

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
A part of her life has now faded. Slowly her eyes have
Been closed. this sweet poison has flowed in her veins.
She still has this silver chalice in her hands. A picture
Of a Romantic Beauty stands on the wall. A Breath of Death and Cold Darkness invades this crypt. This silent
Atmosphere lacerates myself. The sweet young creature is Now completely asleep. My Lips start to kiss her virgin
Flesh. I feel the forbidden pleasures growing in me. I Start to cut the flesh of this insert asleep body. This
Cold red Blood starts to flow. A bloody Alliance is Signed. My fingers slowly penetrate the mouth of the
Sleeping mistress. She has now totally possessed myself.
I rape Death. I am totally devoted to her. The candles
Burn. death has taken me in her arms. Unraped Darkness. I Feel the charming dominant power of her dead corpse. I Will also fall asleep for eternity with her, for her and
For her blood.