Перевод песни Putrid Pile – S.T.F.C.

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Twisting and turning in this downward spiral of madness
My cock it aches for penetration
You can't see me, but I can see you
I attack you from behind, grabbing you by the throat
I pull you to the ground
Strangle the fucking cunt!
Watching this bitch die right here before me I can see the exact moment her soul leaves her body
Hastily ripping all of her clothes off
I rape this dead cunt over and over again
So beautiful now that she's dead!
I am the epitome of the evil that walks the Earth in search of fresh souls to feast on I did a favor by killing her quickly
I need one more orgasm before I hit the road
Nothing compares to when I have my cock deep inside
Strangle the fucking cunt!