Перевод песни Christ Denied – No Salvation

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
In utter obscurity
Where shadows don't exist
Light is just a remembrance
From a false hope
The internal torment
Suffered through the years
Have served for nothing
Just a bunch of lies
A god in whom you had to believe
Preachers of never known ancient tales
An image you had to kiss and worship
Temples where you had to redime your sins
No salvation!
Feeding faith that others created to achieve
No salvation!
Christian hypocrisy made for the weak
Spiritually worried about what his fate will be No salvation!
Cynical religion just for blind minded
Intimidated with horrible nightmares
Of what will happen to the souls
Who don't obey the laws
Of a supposed lovely god
A beast inside of you
Who wants to live in sin
Perverse evil thoughts
Sometimes rule your mind
But your own religion is controlling your acts
With absurd commandments
It's fucking christianity!