Перевод песни Hirax – Swords of Steel

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
First strike with power! Crash the gates! Devour!
Overthrow! Blood will spill! Battering ram! Empires fall
Chorus: Spartans trained to kill and defend
Warriors battle till the end
Their oath is to die for the crown
Swords of steel, cutting men to the ground
(hail to the king)
Fierce war, thousands die, only the strong will survive
Crush the weak and take the land!
Annihilate! Crush the damned!
Kill, fight, kill, fight!
Kill, fight, kill, fight!
Fearless of death, their opponents fall and die
Arrows and spears, descent from the sky
Thousands of soldiers take to the killing fields
Dressed in red with their fists, swords and shields
Kill, fight, kill, fight!