Перевод песни Midnight – Lord in Chains

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
The God abouve you think is held high
Time to give up now it's all just a lie — just a lie
No one to help in your time of need
I'll rip your throat and watch you bleed — watch you bleed
We'll take your Lord in chains
The Violators are coming on strong
They do no right all we do is wrong — so wrong
We show no mercy to any of your kind
Mutilate them all you're so blind — so blind
We'll take your Lord in Chains
Your Lord is weak now soon he's dead
Now's the chance take this path I have led
The armies of the dead march through mud
Conquering the throne now stained in blood
The life you knew is all in the past
The only way now it to live it fast — live it fast
Sin at will kill with desire
We'll fan the flames still growing higher — growing higher
Not to serve in Heaven!