Перевод песни Denial of God – The Cursed Chamber

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
Lying dormant for ages
A dusty tomb my home
Dead forever yet breathing
My destiny inscribed in stone
Dust and rot fill my veins
My eyes penetrate the dark
Silently dreaming of life
Watching those who embark
Oh, you pitiful humans
Do not enter my shrine
The curse has been written
Death will be thine
Fly on the wings of darkness
Blood is but dust in my veins
Life crumbled in my hands
All the years I reigned
Befoul my grave and you pay the price
The stings of a thousand scorpions' bites
When your screams echo through the halls
The tomb's closing as the darkness falls
When the stars are right
When the time is near
My gods will speak
Awakening after all these years
Like the gorge through the desert
Like the incense in the air
Like the sun above the pyramids
I will always be there