Перевод песни Denial of God – Bones Turn to Dust

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
It all seems like night even though it is day
It has been like this since you passed away
The pain of loss is more than I can handle
A wooden box, a cross and candles
Smoldering tissue on a jaw dropped down
Wrapped in velvet and your wedding gown
In the shadow of your black coffin I see
A feast for worms is all that we will be Algor Mortis holds you in icy hands
Black drapes whirl as he starts to dance
Livor Mortis is caressing your skin
Leaving bluey shades on your bony chin
I sit and watch but I cannot move
Feeling as rigid as a marbled statue
Like silver the tears run down my face
To bless a corpse lying in silk and lace
(Solo: Sorrow turns to despair)
Will you think of me when you are under ground
A life in solitude and pain profound
I cannot go on like this, I need you close
Existence is torture it clearly shows
Cremation is the way to reunite
The fire of the oven is burning bright
I lie next to you and blow out the candles
Kiss your dead lips and press down the handle