Перевод песни Denial of God – Pendulum Swings

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
An old house...
A sinister mystery is lurking
No one has been here for years
Strange sounds come from there at night
Villagers all shudder in fear
The room is covered in darkness
Only lights are the candles' flames
Hands are placed upon the table
Covered with letters and names
I am the gateway
Overwhelmed in trance
Channeling great forces of evil
Creating a link between two worlds
Envisioned with otherworldly madness
I can see the other side!
The ceiling is covered in cobwebs
The arms of the clock have frozen
Someone has come to see us
Through an instrument that was chosen
The medium's voice is trembling
Ghostly emanations appear
From beyond I hear a calling
Voices that haven't spoken for years
(Solo: The first glance into the otherworld)
I see floating spectral lights
Hovering through the room
(Solo: Non-consensual takeover of the medium)
Her eyes are now like glass
Levitation is coming true
(Solo: Excretion of ectoplasma)
Pillars of light drift through the room
Yearning souls caught in torment
Our warm breath is clearly visible
It's as quiet as if death was present
I see visions of terror
Pale and crying faces of despair
The true owners of this house
Out from the darkness now appear
I see children on their knees
Chained and locked up in the attic
A house under a fatal curse
With a grim ending so tragic
The pendulum swings
The medium sings
«Go to the hollow hills»