Перевод песни Speedwolf – Out On Bail

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Burning down, burning life away
Serving time for the single mistake I made, yeah
Paying dues, I gamble I lose
D.O.C's got me hanging by the end of their noose, yeah
The verdict was read, first degree
They call it assault and battery, yeah
I can't win, the system I'm in Paying my life away, with every conviction
Turn me loose, yeah, I'll run
Out on Bail
Out on Bail
Out on Bail
Time to plot, time to scheme on the yard
Grab my piece, and a life, and the keys from the guard, yeah
Caught in hand, by the man
Second offense, solitary time yeah
Tortured time, vengeance is mine
But the system won't rest til I pay my fine, yeah
I'm breaking through, bursting out
Vengeance is mine, without a doubt, yeah
Turn me loose, yeah, I'm done
Out on Bail
Out on Bail
Out on Bail