Перевод песни Willy Northpole – Hood Dreamer

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Yeah, yeah… Yeah, yeah
Willy Northpole, B.o.B
Yea, well I’m a hood dreamer — hood dreamin' all of my life
I’m a dreamer — I can get my dream if I try
Hood dreamer — hood dreamin' all of my life
A hood dreamer — if you feel me put your hands in the sky
Yeah, Willy gotta get that dough, American hustler flow
For the low — G’s up, gotta let this busters go
Jail is where I can’t go, up in the kitchen with a bankroll
Probation, still in the club — bracelet on my ankle (yup)
That’s my family tree, cash rules everything around me
Tell Donell’s where I wanna be — clientele, that’s what I wanna see
H double O D, I’m so used to poverty
Now I got these chickens on me like I won the LOTTERY
Last night I had a dream — Willy met Ludacris
Sittin in his black beam — give it time, you’ll be rich
Ever since Willy did it big, so elephant
M.O.B., B.o.B, somebody tell 'em shit
Yeah, PVS glistenin', never had a pot to piss in
Too much dope for competition — why would I want to stop and diss him?
We from the same, no need to bang — understand the lanes
You go here, I go there, you go lion, I’ll go bear, we can share
Yeah in the jungle too much food on the plate
Na-na-na; he ain’t my friend so I had to move on that fate
Let 'em hate it’s a fact, I’m a cloud and he’s a doormat
I used to ceram rap, now I surround rap
Went from double up sales to Double XL
Had nothing in my pocket now my face is on the shelf
I was FED X and UPS hey what’s in the box you’ll be guessing
I was stressing hopin that it land now I’m the man
Cause I’m a…
Living in the city, all I’ve ever seen
Was diamonds and women, 24/7
On my television, so good hood livin'
Is what I envision in the hood sleepin'
Yeah… this for the ghetto kids all over the world
Keep ya head to the sky