Перевод песни Delirium X Tremens – Crionica

Работает на технологии Яндекс.Переводчика
No sign of life
But I live I am the first one
Death is loss of information
Endless memories
I passed the edge of life
Biostasis gave me eternity
My heart is motionless but the machine reanimates it
Continuous flow through my brain
Epirine and Streptokinasis,
the new lymph metilprednilosone and Ciclopromazine the new water
Mannitolum and Destrano40 the serum
Heart and lung apparatus is my nurse and tutor
Fluorum Carbonium and oro — pharyngeal probe
Are my food
Crionica the Frozen art of dying
The extreme way to live on
And thus I heard their moans and saw their souls crawling below me
Fire and death chased each other in a
gruesome dance accompanied by malignant notes
Freezing I elevated myself to the olympus of eternal science
Adore me for eternity, my ambition has come true
Now I see my past and your future,
I am the cause Lethargic state is going to be started
Cryonic Dream Eternal life in the artificial ices
To preserve knowledge For the countdown In human race ruin
Cybernetic organ's triumph I will take my secret
with me I'm coming back, my belief invades what will be
Transfer in progress, the death chamber
The new place to be Vein wash, hidrossietil strach, the new blood
Now I can enter the new world
My nerve tissue has changed
Crioprotector I am dehydrated but I am pervaded with life
No one can touch it
Only my head lives
Glycerol is filling me
Few hours to eternal conservation
Liquid Azote — 78 °C 5 hours — 196° C forever in the dewar
Crionica the Frozen art of dying Ice takes me near zero
Can you hear me???