Перевод песни Stolen Babies – Don't Know

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You don't know what hate is yet
But you will
You don't know what pain is yet
But in time you won't remember when you lived without it
But you're innocent? That's funny
If that were true you wouldn't be here in the first place
Resentful? That's natural
But you'll find ways to cope
I wish I could tell you there was more to look forward to
(I wish I could say)
I wish there was more for you
(I wish I could tell you)
I wish I could say that it gets better than this
(I wish there was)
More than this
Destructive thoughts will come and go
But mostly they'll just come
Relax, don't think about it
Ignore them, they'll go away
That's easier said than done
Confusion leads to frustration
And that just leads to anger
Depression, anxiety will be your best friends
Get to know them well
I wish there was more than this