Перевод песни Burl Ives – Bonnie Wee Lassie

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I come tae a cross and I met a wee lass
Said I, «Ma wee lass, are ye willin' tae go
Tak' share o' a gill?"She cried, «Sir I will
For i'm the wee lassie who never said no»
So intae an alehoose we merrily did go
And we never did rise till the cock it did crow
And it's glass after glass we merrily did toss
Tae the bonnie wee lassie who never said no
Thge landlady opened the door and come in
She opened the door and came in with a smile
And she's lifted a chair wi' freedom and air
«Here's a health tae the lass that can jigget in style»
Well, the drink they took in, being the best o' the gin
Me bein' myself and sober tae view
And it's glass after glass they merrily did toss
Till the lass and the landlady filled theirsel's fu'
«Look intae yon pocket,"the lassie she said
«You are two and six for tae pay for your bed
And for laying me doon you owe me a crown
Look intae your pocket,"the lassie she said
Put my hand in her pocket and five pound I took
Thinks I tae myself, «I will bundle and go»
And I bade her goodbye, but she made no reply
This bonnie wee lassie who never said no
sung by Jeannie Robertson
recorded by Ray Fisher